Mike McInerney

About Us

The name you know and trust, McInerney Chrysler has been serving the Detroit market since 1963 and continues today with McInerney Direct. The McInerney family, led by our Big Three patriarchs, Hoot, Tom and Jack, has built a reputation synonymous with hard work and trust. We have thousands of happy and loyal customers in and around Detroit, most of whom we consider our friends. Whether you purchased vehicles from Northland Chrysler Plymouth in Oak Park or McInerney and Sons’ Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Woodhaven, you have probably bought more than one because we have always focused on being fair, honest and family oriented.

Today, our newest location is both online and in your driveway. McInerney Direct is the easiest, most convenient way to buy a car. The knowledge we have developed about FCA products, incentives, leasing and employee plans translates to great deals for our customers. We can provide the advice and recommendations that fit even the most complicated scenarios. Instead of wasting unnecessary time and effort trying to buy a car the old-fashioned way, we help demystify the process.

About Our Process

Buying a car, post-pandemic, has changed in many ways. Remote shopping and home delivery have become the norm, not the exception. Customers have come to realize that visiting a dealership and dealing back and forth for hours is no longer necessary. Dealers are now forced to provide concierge conveniences.

For McInerney Direct, this is not a new normal, we have always made car buying convenient. Satisfied customers provide our best advertising so we are driven to this end.

Our process includes a combination of utilizing technology and providing professional insight when requested. Transactions are always on your terms; over the phone, via email or text, and even entirely online. There are so many ways to go about buying a car these days. So you choose and we will provide.

About Our Insight

We have participated in thousands of transactions over the years. We’ve seen it all. This gives us tremendous insight into the complicated combination of rebates and models, trim levels and equipment packages, lease offers and seasonal offers. When radio, television or Facebook advertising deals appear too good to be true, they are, normally. We can magnify the small print and clarify the confusion when it comes to demystifying dealer ads. We will always be transparent with pricing so you don’t face any surprises.

Mike McInerney